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LinC - Lombardy on the Path between Real and Digital

LinC, an exciting journey through the territory and on the web, to the discovery of the Lombardy Walks

The integrated project Lombardia in Cammino, also through specific projects and the transversal project, aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To qualify the paths of Lombardy as a "system", both in virtual space and in the territory;
  • To create a network of stakeholders who share the potential of the routes as a driving force for tourism and territorial development and to implement actions to realize this potential;
  • Promoting integration with existing networks and other project partnerships promoted by the Lombardy Region; Trying to enhance the green and sustainable elements along the routes;
  • To systematise all the specific information relating to the routes of Lombardy and the emergencies of particular interest along these routes, differentiating them by theme and target;
  • Promote the routes from a tourist and commercial point of view in a coordinated and systemic way;
  • To characterize the routes as attractive destinations for different targets (experts, newcomers, families, people with disabilities, schools, young people, over...);
  • Enhance the tourist attractiveness of the Lombardy Region also abroad;
  • To increase public loyalty through the creation of a community of interest on the subject, enhancing the expert competence of long distance walkers and "new walkers".

The partnership

Triwù: project leader, a communication company founded in 2012, deals with information, scientific and social research, training, corporate and territorial marketing, activation of paths based on collaboration, participation and involvement of specific targets.

Touring Club Italiano: since 1894 the largest and most prestigious Italian tourism association, with over 280,000 members throughout Italy, dealing with tourism, culture and environment.

Touring Servizi: it is the publishing house of Touring Club Italiano, the reference point for tourism publishing in Italy and the most reliable source of tourist material in our country.

Linea Grafica: is a company that for over twenty years has been dealing with projects and achievements in the field of communication, particularly in the field of graphics for indoor and outdoor installations.

Incoming Partners: our operator with an exclusively receptive vocation, since its foundation in 1999, it has concentrated its activity in general in Italy and in particular in Lombardy.